Good Enough to Eat

by Hancel Deaton

You may have already guessed that we’re talking about our pure chocolate cover for our February issue feature, “Chocolate Unwrapped,” which was created from scratch in the kitchen of Peterbrooke Chocolatier in Winter Park.

After Orlando magazine’s creative director, Jenifer Kresge, and art director, Christine Dupont, came up with the design concept, the idea was presented to the artisans at Peterbrooke, who made two molds of the design. The next step involved hand-painting white chocolate into one of the molds to create the white lettering. Then, milk chocolate was poured into it and evenly distributed by placing the mold onto a vibrating table. Dark chocolate was painted into the swirls of the second mold; and both were left to cool.

Our photographer, Roberto Gonzalez, photographed both molds, which were later composited into one image and edited in Photoshop by the art director.

A last-minute decision by our creative team gave the edible cover the crowning touch: a broken corner with a few chocolate crumbs to give the appearance that it had been nibbled. And in truth, it had been.  The cover barely lasted the day in our office–it was just that good. You can find Peterbrooke at 300 S Park Ave. in Winter Park, FL.


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